Trip Planning for Our Anniversary

I have been obsessing looking forward to our trip for our anniversary this coming June. This is the first time the hubby and me are traveling overseas. I am super excited and I can’t wait to book our tickets.

“Why haven’t we booked our tickets yet?” you may ask.

Well, since we are living abroad, we need our residency cards. Mine is about to expire along with our three kids. I cannot apply for a visa yet to our destination, hence, I cannot book our plane tickets.

Sad. I know.

And, I need to apply for a visa to the place hubby and me want to visit. JPEG

Anyway, if you are also planning a trip, take a look at You are able to book accommodations from 5-star hotels to budget hostels. You can choose whether you want refundable or non-refundable accommodations. We have booked ours already. I chose the refundable option, since it might save me money in the long run. also has an app on iOS and Google Play.

Once we are able to finalize everything, I will post as soon as I hear!

Safe travels!

Questions? Recriminations? Violent reactions?

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