Trip Planning for our Anniversary 2


Hubby and I are now ready to go to Istanbul! We needed the sticker visa as we do not fulfill the requirements of the e-visa. The e-visa needs a valid US, UK, Ireland, or EU visa in order to qualify! Alas, since our PHL passports do not qualify, we have to go through the necessary embassy here in Tbilisi to get the physical visa.

To get a sticker visa to Turkey, you have to go through an electronic application here. You will need:

  1. A biometric photo with white background
  2. Proof of ability to sustain travel within Turkey (minimum of 50 USD/day/person). We used our salary and savings bank statements for this one.
  3. Proof of reason to return from origin (transit visa has a different set of requirements). I used my work contract for this one.
  4. Airline reservations
  5. Hotel reservations OR if invited by a citizen, provide TR ID number and a letter from host person regarding invite
  6. 60 USD for each application (non-refundable if rejected)

All documents and picture must be scanned in a PDF or JPEG format. Each file to be uploaded must all be under 2 MB (it was a pain to reduce the files, tbh, as I had to upload multiple pages of a single document).

You must set-up an appointment using the online calendar on the visa website.

At the time of appointment, you must bring with you the following:

  • All original documents of the uploaded version. These will all be submitted.
  • You must also include the physical ID photo uploaded as this will be used to print the sticker visa.
  • Passport
  • Print out of the visa application form

Depending on the locality of the embassy, you may have to wait for a number of days to get the sticker visa. In Tbilisi, you get the sticker visa on the day itself. But in the Philippines, I think it takes 15 days before you get the visa. In Abu Dhabi, it takes about two days. Ask the embassy first before making any final plans.

All we need to do now is start packing and list down places to visit. Istanbul planning will be on another blog post. I hope these were helpful to those wanting to travel and visit this historic city.

Happy travels!

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