Fall Break Trip Planning: Getting our Schengen Visa

We were supposed to visit Budapest next month, but my eldest has a problem with her travel consent (complicated and uninteresting). Scheduling for an appointment now would mean about a month and half waiting period to secure an appointment. The earliest we can do it is in September, so we have no choice but to move the trip during our fall break.

Since we are not in the PHL, we have to apply through an embassy here. Even if Hungary is represented in this country, the embassy that issues a visa to Budapest is the Embassy of Latvia. We can only call at a certain time to book our appointment. If you are planning to get this visa, please call the embassy of the country you are planning to visit! In the PHL, some embassies do not allow inquiries via phone. You have to physically be in the embassy in order to ask your questions, so you have to do your trip planning in advance i.e. six months to a year.

To apply via the Latvian embassy, I had to fill in the e-application forms and print them out. Each form had to be signed; minors need theirs signed by both parents.

Anyway, this means that we have more time to organize our papers, which I have done. So far, this is what I have collated for our Schengen visa application.

  1. ID picture with white background
  2. Application forms; if with minors, form must be signed by BOTH parents. If minor is traveling with only one parent, then an affidavit signed by a notary must be presented. This affidavit is especially helpful when you are in passport control. Visa does not guarantee entry to the country.
  3. Bank statement covering at least 6 months
  4. Any attestation/document that you will be returning to your point of origin. In our case, we used a certificate of employment. Minors need a document to show that they are enrolled in school.
  5. Flight reservations
  6. Hotel reservations
  7. Travel insurance
  8. Residency card (since this is not our home country)

Some Schengen countries require more documents, while others are not so complicated. So far, these are what we need for Schengen. Wish us luck!

Happy travels!

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