United I am new to traveling, as my family have just transferred overseas in 2014 to work and study. My husband and I have three children, hence, two + three. We do our best to travel around our new community and country. Hopefully, our job will be able to take us to new places and introduce our kids to our home country and to the world.

This blog is for me, as I document our travels by myself, as a couple, and as a family. I am hoping that this will inspire you to travel solo, and with your babies, too.

We have a cat, named Mr T Crookshanks, while we stay in our new home somewhere around the Caucasus region. (We lost Mr T. Sad.) And we’ve lost Crookshanks as well. She ran away. (Double sad).

So far:

Traveling solo/friends – Hong Kong, Singapore, China (Shanghai), Thailand (Bangkok), Armenia (Yerevan and Garni)

Traveling as a coupleWe haven’t been overseas as couple, which will hopefully change this year!¬†Turkey (Istanbul) and United Arab Emirates (Dubai –¬†for work)

Traveling as a family – Philippines (Bohol, Maasin, Manila, and Cebu), Georgia (Tbilisi, Kvareli, Stepantsminda, Batumi, Borjomi, and Bakuriani), Armenia (Yerevan), Hungary (Budapest), and soon to Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Mt Ararat, picture taken with a Samsung A7, Armenia (March 2016)
Hubby and Me - Grand Bazaar
Grand Central Market manhole, Istanbul, Turkey (June 2016)