Borjomi Getaway

So yes, it was a getaway, as we only went for three days.

Where is Borjomi?

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Fall Travel 2016: Places We Visited

I know, I know. Five months too late. But I still have the pictures so I can still post them here. Just holler in the comments if you have questions about these places. I will try and answer them as best as I can (or remember)!

(All pictures were taken by my family. None from the internet.)

Where did we go in Budapest?

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Istanbul Anniversary Trip June 2016

Let me just say that Istanbul did not disappoint!

First of all, it was quite sad when the Ataturk bombing happened when we were there. The next day, police presence was everywhere with not-so-discrete guns with their fingers on the trigger guards. It is not a comfortable sight to see. I didn’t know if I were to feel more secure or more wary of their presence. All Turkish flags were displayed half-mast and a memorial was displayed at the airport to remember those who died.

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