WPC: Look Up – Topkapi Ceiling

The ceilings in the palace were gorgeous! The walls are similarly decorated, so it is kind of dizzying just looking at these small rooms with all these going on. Nevertheless, the tiles were breathtaking.

Picture taken with a Samsung A7 – I’m not the greatest photographer, though, so the ceiling wasn’t done justice here.

Look Up


WPC: Opposites – Cat on Marbled Floor

Cat in Hagia Sophia.jpg
A Cat in Hagia Sophia (Istanbul)

Trying to escape the heat outside, this soft ball of fur curls up under the shade on the marbled floors of the Hagia Sophia. Noisy tourists shuffling taking pictures and making a lot of noise, while he is napping contentedly amidst the chaos (tourists were actually avoiding stepping on him as he was lying down on a path to a certain part of the museum).

Another opposite? We paid 40 Turkish Lira each, while he got in for free.

Istanbul Anniversary Trip June 2016

Let me just say that Istanbul did not disappoint!

First of all, it was quite sad when the Ataturk bombing happened when we were there. The next day, police presence was everywhere with not-so-discrete guns with their fingers on the trigger guards. It is not a comfortable sight to see. I didn’t know if I were to feel more secure or more wary of their presence. All Turkish flags were displayed half-mast and a memorial was displayed at the airport to remember those who died.

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Trip Planning for our Anniversary 2


Hubby and I are now ready to go to Istanbul! We needed the sticker visa as we do not fulfill the requirements of the e-visa. The e-visa needs a valid US, UK, Ireland, or EU visa in order to qualify! Alas, since our PHL passports do not qualify, we have to go through the necessary embassy here in Tbilisi to get the physical visa.

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